About Us

Serving Language Learners One Student at a Time!!


Tenlis Education is an online language learning academy developed to help others from around the world learn a new language and specifically the English language.  Tenlis Education was founded by an ESL teacher with many years experience teaching in the classroom and online.  So, the academy was created with “hands on” knowledge of what second language learners require to achieve their language learning goals.


Tenlis Education

Tenlis Education is an online language learning academy geared to encourage fun and creative learning.  We promote a non-conventional approach of learning through our course lessons, materials and videos.  They have been developed to encourage language learning and creative thinking.


tenlis education

What We Do

We devote ourselves in developing tools to improve and perfect the online learning environment, provide a means for children and adults, who have access to the internet at home or on their mobile devices, to communicate confidently from around the world, as well as further cultivate their competitiveness in the world we live in today.

 In order to provide the highest level of teaching excellence to our students, your native English teacher holds a university degree and is ESL/TEFL/TOEFL certified to help each student improve in their daily conversational skills, expand their vocabulary, and build confidence in speaking to others in English.  Our academy videos and lessons are designed to help students learn the English language and allow teachers to develop lessons that are geared toward their targeted language.

What We Believe

  1. To ensure every students happiness while learning
  2. To provide a myriad of teaching materials that will inspire students to learn
  3. To open their mind to our world of language learning
  4. To provide the necessary tools that students will need in order to “unlock” their full potential in acquiring a new language.

Our Mission

“To help make teaching and learning a second language engaging, fun and economical”

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