Learn English for Beginners


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This course was designed for beginning ESL students and toddlers of English speaking origin.  If you are a false ESL student who did not get a command on phonetics and building basic vocabulary or if you are starting from “ground zero”, this course is for you.  These simple videos lessons will teach you basic Englsh that will get you started on your journey to understanding the English language a basic conversation.

This course will provide the basic foundation needed to buld your English skills.  It will only take 1-2 hours to complete.  But, it is highly recommended that you listen, read along and write during each lesson.  I am always available to answer any questions via email.  And, if you would like general English conversation classes, sign up for one of my Skype one-to-one conversation classes.



  • Learning Modules 

    Learning Colors, Alphabet, Numbers, Subject, Verbs

    • Alphabet Letters A thru M
    • Alphabet Letters N thru Z
    • Quiz on alphabet
    • Colors by Name
    • Colors in a Sentence
    • Colors “Test Your Knowledge”
    • Quiz on colors
    • Numbers Introduction
    • Numbers Represented
    • Numbers in a Sentence
    • Quiz on numbers
    • Subject
    • Quiz on Subject
    • Verbs
    • Quiz on Verbs
    • Subject/Verb Agreement
  • Bonus Section 

    PDF Files

    • Alphabet
    • Numbers
    • Subject
    • Verbs